Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Luck is on my Side

About 3 weeks before my wedding, I killed my cell phone in a very unfortunate way...I used to always keep my cell phone in my back pocket. One day I was wearing some capris with shallow pockets, with my cell phone tucked inside. It was a very small cell phone. I was getting ready to use the restroom, standing by the toilet when I heard a big splash. I looked inside the toilet, and to my dismay, there lay my cell phone. I even fished it out and tried to save it (thank goodness it fell in before I had done my business:-P) But it was no use. It had died.

After that, I bought a cheap, older phone on ebay. A phone is a very important thing 3 weeks before a wedding! Luke bought me a pink cover for it as an I'm-sorry-your-phone-fell-in-the-toilet gift :-P I still have that phone.

On Sunday night, my phone went MIA. I remembered using it to text my friend earlier, but couldn't remember what had happened to it. I spent an hour looking for it before I finally gave up.

It was today, Tuesday, that I finally found the phone. It was under my car. I don't know how I didn't run over it, or how it didn't get water damaged from that snow that was all around it, but it still works fine! I'm so excited that luck was on my side this time and I didn't run over it or something! I now realize that it must have fallen out of my hand before FPU class Sunday night (I was carrying about 17 things, so it could have easily fallen :-P) I hope luck is on my side tomorrow, and I have a snow day! We are supposed to get another 8 to 10 inches of snow. Unless the forecast drastically changes between now and tomorrow morning, we will have a snow day. The superintendent was at our building today, and pretty much alluded to the fact that there was a pretty high chance that he would call school off.

In other news, my friend Lindsey and I came up with a good plan last night! She lives far away, so we don't get to spend much time together. We decided that we were going to surprise Luke and her boyfriend (whose name also happens to be Luke!) and take them to the spring Ohio State game! They are both huge Buckeyes fans. We plan on not telling them where we're going until the morning of the game. We also plan on wearing Ohio State jerseys (we're going to buy them secretly since we both don't have one right now), which will probably make them love us even more ;-) Then we will take them to the spring game, and treat them to some BW3's afterwards. We'll make it a real "guy's day" for them. But part of the reason we're doing it is so Lindsey and I can have a chance to catch up! I'm SUPER excited!

Have a great day. Here's to indestructable phones and snow days!

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