Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun Weekend!

After being snowed in all of last weekend, it was nice to be able to actually get out this weekend. We were dealing with pretty much sub-zero temperatures all weekend (until the "heat wave" hit got all the way up to about 25 degrees!) We were not going to let that stop us for ANOTHER weekend, though.

Friday was a lot of fun! I was off work and spent all day cleaning and organizing and trying to stay warm! Then Friday night, as I mentioned before, my friends Rachel, Sarah and I had a girls night. Our husbands were all at the Cavs game that night, so it was nice to have a little girl time! It was cold, so we didn't really do a whole lot. We just went to Applebees, and then Wal-Mart. Sarah just bought a puppy, and we wanted to look at the pet apparel :-). It was fun to catch up, though. I have been around way too much testosterone lately with Luke and all of his friends who love to hang out at our house! I needed to get my girl-time-fill. The three of us sat in the restaurant talking for a long time, and I think the waiters were getting a little annoyed since they were super busy on a Friday night! Oh well, we had fun :-)

Saturday was even better. All morning Luke and I curled up under blankets beside the space heater upstairs and watched Property Ladder on TLC, one of our favorite shows! It was nice :-) I cleaned a little more in the afternoon, and then in the evening we went out with a bunch of friends from church. First we went next door to Rachel and Jared's and ate some pizza, then we went bowling! Yay! And even though we somehow got stuck with the two lanes with broken computers and had to try to keep score ourselves, we had fun! I actually broke 100 both games, which is a pretty awesome feat for me. Unfortunately I'm still lagging behind Luke by about 60 points, but oh well. I've given up my hope of ever beating him :-P After that, we went to Perkins for coffee and pie (or water and a brownie for me. I like to be the oddball, I don't like coffee, and I prefer rich chocolate to pie :-P) Luke and I were having so much fun, we wanted to keep the night going when we got home. So we curled up with Gabby and watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." It was a pretty raunchy movie, I don't think I'd reccommend it. But we stayed up WAY too late watching it! At church this morning I could barely keep my eyes opened. I'm not even sure if I could tell you exactly what the sermon was about, so that's not good. I'll have to get in bed sooner next Saturday!

After church today I had a baby shower for an old high school friend. I can't believe my friends are having babies already, it makes me feel kinda old :-P But it was fun. We got a lot of snow last night and today, so unfortunately not too many people showed up. But it was still fun watching her unwrap all the adorable baby-boy gifts that she got!

After that, Luke and I had our Financial Peace University class. I have to admit, I felt a little guilty for spending so much money bowling and eating last night! Oh well, I guess a little splurge every once in a while is okay. By the way, the class is phenomenal! We're loving it so far, and learning so much!

Right now. Luke is out with some friends to go see "Unborn." I was invited, but didn't feel like being terrified tonight, so I opted to stay in and catch up on some reading. I don't do well with scary movies, although I love them. It doesn't really make sense, but that's how I am.

Speaking of reading, I finished "Multiple Blessings." It was a very easy read, and basically just recapped the birth and life of the Gosselin family (the family on Jon and Kate Plus 8). I enjoyed reading it, but had already heard a lot of it from religiously watching their show. It was worth the read, though, and I would definitely recommend it! Right now I'm reading a book that I got from my mother-in-law for Christmas: "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. I actually checked the book-on-tape out from the library right before the wedding, and listened to it as I packed for the honeymoon. However, I don't think I got much out of it, because my mind was going in 8,000 different directions at that time. I thought I'd actually read it this time, and try to get something out of it :-)

I hope everyone has a great week. Hopefully you all have tomorrow off like I do since it's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! :-)

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