Saturday, January 31, 2009

Browns and Blues

Luke and I had taken a break from working on our house. After the three months of nonstop renovations, we just hit a wall when we moved in. We needed a break! And I'm glad we took one. I'm ready to get back in there, and I have a new, fresh perspective on how I want to decorate!

Today I went back to working on the bathroom (our blue and brown room) with a vengeance! Here are some of the blue and brown things I've added to this room:

Here are two lovely shelves that I got at...are you ready for this?...FAMILY DOLLAR for $8 (in all for both of them)!! I also got the clock there for around $5 or $6 I think. Who says beauty has to be expensive?? Granted, the first shelf is a little scratched up. But it doesn't show up that much in normal light. The flash made it stick out a lot!

And I found this cute little piece in some of the old boxes I looked through at Mom and Dad's last night. It turns out, it was actually a high school graduation present from an ex-boyfriend! Ha! But it matches my bathroom perfectly, so I just HAD to use it :-)
I also found these at Mom and Dad's house. I decided they would also go in the bathroom

Here is what I decided to do with the three small ones (still not sure about the bigger ones yet!) I made these pictures at Seriously my new favorite website and obsession! I will soon be hanging these on the wall across from the toilet :-)

Here's a close up so you can see the background pattern...I LOVE it! And might be incorporating it in other places in the room as well.
Here is my final addition to the room. We actually bought it a few weeks ago with a Christmas gift certificate at Bed Bath and Beyond. I think it matches perfectly, and I love it!

Okay, now I need YOUR help. Our little laundry room (which is still pretty torn up) is attached to the bathroom. It looks horrible! Here's a picture of what it looks like from the bathroom (can you tell it's laundry day? :-P)I plan on making (or having my mom SHOW me how to make) a curtain for the doorway. I found a few different patterns that I like online. Which one do you like best? I might also make a curtain for the little window in the bathroom with it to tie it together.

Choice #1
I used this pattern as the background for my "Live" "Laugh" "Love" pictures. It's by far my favorite, but of course it's also the most expensive one. I thought about using it with a dark chocolate panel of fabric at the top to tie in the color of the shower curtain.

Choice #2:
Not loving this one, but at least it's brown and blue

Choice #3:
I'm liking these stripes a little more than the first ones.

Choice #4:
I probably won't use these polka dots, but they ARE adorable. Maybe for a nursery someday ;-)

Choice #5:
I kind of like it! But is it too dramatic?

Choice #6:
I'm really loving this one, although it doesn't incorporate the blue.

Well what do you think? Which choice would look best in my brown and blue haven? For some reason, bathrooms and kitchens are my favorite rooms to decorate, so I'm spending a lot of time on making decisions for this room! I would love your input! :-)


  1. I like no.s 2, 5 and 6! But it's hard to tell without being there. I kind of like the dots too.
    Your doing a great job!! I love the rug and the live, love, laugh! Your so clever making those on picnik!

  2. Great finds!! I love all the brown and blue and I would definitely go with fabric #1. I have seen this made into a curtain and it is beautiful!

  3. So cute!!! I love #1 so much!

    I am so jealous you have seen Wicked! I want to see it soooo bad! My fave musical is Fiddler on the Roof.


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