Friday, January 9, 2009

My Blog is My Accountability Partner

Hello, again...

The blizzard is taking it's toll on me, and I'm already pretty bored. That's why I'm posting for the second time today. Plus, it's com-plete-ly-free-zing in here (we worked on separating words into syllables in third grade today, and apparently that's still stuck in my head. Oh well, I feel like it helps to reinforce my point a little better :-P). I am lying on my bean bag chair again (not feeling guilty this time, though) with our 2-layered fleece blanket over me, Gabby lying on my feet, the space heater two feet from me, and the laptop on my lap acting as it's own miniature space heater. It's cold, people. Too cold to move, even! Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but I've gotten A LOT done in the past two days, and I'm proud of myself. I feel like It's okay for me to lay here on the beanbag chair, on my computer, enjoying the view of the beautiful snow outside, while Luke watches the Cavs game.

ANYWAY, I have realized that my blog is my accountability partner. In church we always learn that an accountability partner is so important: someone who knows what we struggle with, and who can try to support us so that we don't fall into our bad habits again. I guess I consider Luke and Julie (my sister) to be mine. They are two of the only people in the world who know the real me, right down to the core. However, I think my blog has inadvertantly become an accountability partner! If I write about something I want to do or change in my blog (like I did last night), I feel like I am much more likely to actually do it, or change it! I'm pretty excited about this discovery. I guess if you write somthing down, it makes it more real. I have no idea if that makes any sense at all.

In lieu of this new discovery, I have decided to add an element to my blog: The Book of the Week. Over Christmas break I read a lot, and loved it. Now that work has started up and I went back into my hermit/trancelike state, I have stopped reading. I feel like reading is SO therapeutic for me. If I'm reading a lot, I feels like the creative part of my mind just opens up and blossoms. But if I'm not reading, it closes up. That may sound strange, but it's really true for me! So I decided to add "The Book of the Week" to my page. It will keep me accountable to be reading in my spare time instead of just watching TV and sleeping.

I GUARUNTEE you that I probably won't have a different book up every single week, but I'm going to try. I'll post a quick critique of the book when I'm finished with it. I'm kind of excited to start reading more!

Okay, well I hope this post wasn't too completely boring. I'm just trying to fill my time during this beautiful blizzard. Seriously, it really is beautiful out there! Pictures to come later...

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  1. The book of the week is a great idea! I have to read every night before bed for an hour or two or I can't sleep. I look forward to curling up in bed with a good read. Stay warm!


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