Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Please Help Me!

Luke and I went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on our honeymoon. We stayed in our own private cabin in the mountains, and it was absolutely perfect. We were pretty secluded, and the cabin was huge. It was so romantic! It was great to just escape with Luke. We were only there for a few days, and I feel like it just wasn't long enough.
There it is...our cute, wonderful cabin. There was a cute little porch on the back just big enough for 2 people to stand and look out over the mountain. Also, we had a hot tub on the second floor porch that looked out toward the mountains in the distance on the other side. The inside was huge with beautiful decor, a master bathroom about as big as the bedroom, and the biggest jacuzzi I've ever seen! It was wonderful :-)

I think it was about 2 minutes after I got out of the car when we got home that I decided we needed to go on a one year anniversary trip. What can I say...I'm a planner when it comes to vacations.

I've been thinking about this for about 6 months, and have spent HOURS researching locations. I can't decide on anything! We don't want to spend a whole lot of money, and we want to go somewhere fun and romantic. We live in Ohio, so it would be nice to go somewhere within driving distance to save money.

Okay, so has anyone gone on an amazing trip to a place that meets our criteria? If so, please share! I'm open to anything within reason at this point. I keep going back and forth and haven't made a whole lot of progress. Our anniversary is in July, so very hot places like Florida are probably out of the question. It's too bad, because I am DYING to go to Disney World with Luke! We really want to go once before we have kids so we can enjoy all the rides and attractions that small children wouldn't enjoy. Plus it will probably be a little less stressful just the two of us! Oh well, we will have to save that trip for a year or two from now during my spring break.

Thanks so much if you have any suggestions! It's pretty much a blizzard outside right now, so I can't help but dream of escaping! Even though I'm really hoping the crazy weather will result in a snow day tomorrow! :-D

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  1. What about North Carolina or Colorado?

    I stopped in to say hi! Love your blog! I still haven't been on my honeymoon and I got married 3 years ago!


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