Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Ohio Winter

UPDATE: I just looked at the radar map, and it looks like the storm may be moving northward! It may be ending sooner than I thought :-) It is beautiful, though.

The blizzard is in full force right now...she has released her fury on North-Eastern Ohio. It is officially hour 20 of the snowstorm.

[please excuse all the power and telephone lines in these pictures...I took a lot of them out the window. I can be anal, and this REALLY bothers me in these pictures :-P ]

This is what part of our street looked like at hour 2:
And this was taken at hour 19 (the house right there is our best friends' house! I think I posted before that when we moved, our best friends became our neighbors!):
It's taken at a slightly different angle, but notice the street now. And everything is just covered in layers and layers of white. P.S.: If you click on this picture and make it bigger, and if you look very closely by the little red Civic, you can see our friend Jared...or maybe Rachel, I can't tell which one...shoveling their driveway.

Here's another picture at hour 2:
And the same view at hour 19:
The snow plows just can't keep can barely see the road.

And just in case you couldn't tell how deep it was, check out my car which hasn't been touched since the snow began. At least I'm pretty sure that's my car under there!:

Finally, here are some taken from our 3rd floor window of some of the neighborhood, just because I think the snow looks beautiful:
I guess I got a lot of pictures of that cute, brick house! lol...I promise I'm not a stalker, it just looked pretty.

The thing is, we're only about halfway finished, here. The snow is supposed to stop sometime very early tomorrow morning. I guess there won't be too many people in church tomorrow morning! Luckily, we live within walking's so close, we can see it from our house.

Luke is braving the weather right now because he wanted to go to Auto Zone and then his Dad's nicely heated garage to work on his car. I don't really understand why this couldn't wait until after the blizzard, but he can be stubborn. So I'm praying that he stays safe on the roads, which cannot even be seen!

I plan on spending today knocking two big "to-dos" off of my list:

1. Picking out my top 40 wedding photos, and ordering my album. Yes, we got married 6 months ago, but this is yet to be completed by me. I told you I have been laying around doing nothing these days!

2. Cleaning out my closet. When we moved, I just threw a bunch of junk inside my closet in our bedroom: boxes of misc. items, clothes, and even furniture (chairs that go with the kitchen table...yeah I was throwing just about anything in there). Luke's closet is perfectly organized and clean. But mine's the one that's in shambles right now. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? And I hate to admit it, but I think my "summer clothes" are still in the trunk of my car. Insert embarrassed, red face HERE.

Well, Luke just walked in the door with a surprise for me: he rented movies while he was out! We were going to go out to the movies tonight, but I guess we'll have to create our own little date-night here! I'll make some pizza and we'll maybe play a little Rock Band, and then watch the movies (Eagle Eye for him, and The House Bunny for me). I'm super excited to spend some "fun" time with Luke. We haven't done that a lot lately, with me just laying around and with him sleeping a lot (He stayed up late the past two weeks with me even though HE still had to WORK over my Christmas break. I think this week he was really tired, and his body was trying to catch up on all the sleep he lost).

Well I hope everyone else out there is a having a great Saturday, whether you're in the middle of a blizzard, or in some warm location where it's NOT snowing (I'm totally jealous of you if you are!)


  1. It's snowing here too! Have fun on date night!!

  2. It's sixty and sunny here...hope it warmed up for you!


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